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Chili Appreciation Society International, Inc.
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Official Organizational Documents
  Corporate Bylaws
  Official Rule Book - Policy Book
  Referees - Listing of:
  Tax Exempt Letter
  IRS Reinstatement Letter - December 4, 2013
  Great Pepper's Meeting - Pod Credentials and Annual Report
  Use of the CASI Logo Guidelines
Scholarship Program
  CASI Scholarship Program Policy
  CASI Scholarship Application Form
  CASI Scholarship Administrator Qualifications
State and Regional Championships
  State Championship Policy
  State Championship Cookoff Questionnaire
  Regional Open Championship Application
  Regional Referee Cookoff Tracking Form
  Terlingua Championship Vendor Application
  CASI Director Candidate Form - CASI Director Job Descriptions
  CASI Memorial Scholarship Contribution Form
  CASI 2013 Great Peppers Meeting Registration
  Services Available in the Terlingua Area
Cookoff Judging Documents
  Chili Judging Sheet
  Chili Judging Sheet - Spanish
  Cookoff Entrants List
  Cookoff Results
  Computer Results Sheet
  Judging Cup Ticket Use Instructions
  Showmanship Entrants List
  Showmanship Judging Sheet
  Showmanship Judging Continuation Sheet
Cookoff Registration
  General Information
  Cookoff Registration Form & Instructions
  Pod Cookoff Policy
Computer Chili Tally Program
  Chili Tally Version 3.2 - Left Click and save to your desktop
  Chili Tally Manual - Left Click and save to your desktop
Old 320 Documents and Information
  Membership Rights and Privledges
  Member Profile Submission Form
  Site Map at Rancho CASI de los Chisos

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